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MY MISSION: I believe that no matter what type of Art You want you deserve to receive nothing less than the best I can offer. My personal guarantee to you is that whether visiting my Studio & Gallery or my Online Gallery you will always be greeted and serviced in a safe and friendly environment. This has been my mission since 1976 and will continue to be so into the future.

Animal Art

Looking beyond the obvious and bringing forth those colors and moments not often witnessed in the animal kingdom is something I enjoy doing. 

As a former Zookeeper I have a keen eye for the nuances of animal life and behavior which I strive to capture in my art,

Who's There? Animal Acrylic Painting of a Armadillo By The GYPSY

Gypsy Art

As a Sinti Romani I have a natural fascination with the culture and heritage of my people.

Capturing the Gypsy lifestyle in my art pays tribute to my ancestors who were craftsmen, artisans and, like myself, artists.

Romanichal Ponies In The River Eden. Romani Acrylic Painting By The GYPSY

Landscape Art

Wandering is naturally in my blood. As I wander I remember all I see. When I stand before my easel I can search my memory for the images of the places I have been and bring them forth .

My landscape art helps me capture those special places forever from the tip of my brush.

Still Creek. Landscape Watercolor Painting By The GYPSY

Fantasy Art

There are times that my imagination runs away from me. At those times images appear upon my canvas that are far from the regular art I create.

What good is life if we cannot bring our dreams and fantasies to life?

Sea Lion Women And Mermaids Doing Autopsies On Things While The Bad Ass In The Corner Looks On. Fantasy Oil Painting By The GYPSY

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